From the RV to Five Hollywood Parties

From the RV To 5 Hollywood Parties

The home on wheels had the perfect spot in the mountains just outside of L.A. for us to have quick access to the city for a while.  We were on a beautiful property owned by our friend James that was just below Lake Arrowhead.  On this property, we could step straight out of the RV into an olive orchard and a hiking trail that we used, daily. 

There’s always something to do and always somewhere you’re supposed to be in L.A., and during the holidays, that all gets turned up a notch.  We had just gotten back to the area and we immediately had five parties to attend in one weekend.  A house party to celebrate Chris’ Birthday and our friend Terry’s Name Day, the Annual Holiday Party for The Actor Space with Joe Palese (my acting group), three House Music events with our friends; one West Coast Soul event, The Basement, and Chris’ gig at Sunday Sanctuary celebrating Chris & JJ Flores’ Birthdays.  This was going to require a lot of water and a lot of stamina. 

We booked a room at The Lexen in Hollywood for the weekend to be close to it all. This also gave us the ability to walk or take a quick cab to everything.  I was thrilled to be once again surrounded by a million vegan options and we were both thrilled to be back in the creative energy of L.A..  

All five parties were incredible, and four of them were on the first night.  We started at the home of our amazing friends Terry and Molly, where we sipped cocktails by the pool as Lacey IQ dropped some house tunes.  Then, we went to the holiday party for The Actor Space, where  we got to hang out with my coach who is like a Father to me and all of my fellow actors at a great Hollywood lounge.  After that, we headed over to West Coast Soul Events in Hollywood to hear Jask play before we went  over to an underground party called The Basement.  That was the end of night one, although there may have been some Thai food?

Thank God for all the water.  We woke up the next morning feeling great and walked to one of my favorite spots, Solar de Cahuenga and had delicious breakfast and coffee.  We spent the day walking around Hollywood grabbing smoothies and more vegan food before we returned to the hotel to relax before Chris’ gig.  

After recharging, we walked down to Hollywood BLVD and over to Sunday Sanctuary, a weekly put on by Shanto and Contessa.  Chris (aka Mr. Bootsauce), JJ Flores, Shanto and Contessa threw down on the decks to a vibrant dance floor while we caught up with even more L.A. friends.  

Now, the weekend was complete and all events were successfully attended.  We checked out of the hotel and drove back to the RV in the mountains.  Just like that, we went from the busyness right back to the stillness.

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We are 2 kreative artists who donated everything & ditched the norm to travel full-time making music & film in a newly remodeled 26' Class-C with a built-in music studio - specifically designed to create by a lake, mountain or ocean. After hustling really hard in Los Angeles for over 15 years, we decided to minimize our lives and cash in our most valuable form of currency - TIME!

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