Our Journey Through Yellowstone National Park

Our Journey Through Yellowstone National Park

After soaking in Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana, we headed on a beautiful drive South through Idaho to explore the majestic Yellowstone National Park.  It was mid September, so we were at the tail end of summer, yet not in the prime season when the park is packed, which was perfect.  I (Christi) had experienced the park in the winter months in the past with my family when we used to ride snowmobiles there.  Those are some of my favorite memories,  So, this would be my first time exploring Yellowstone outside of winter and Chris’ first time, ever.  I was so excited to show him all of the amazing wonders of this place. 

We had quickly learned that we preferred campgrounds over RV parks.  We don’t like to be crammed right next to people and on top of that, pay more money for that privelege.  We chose Henry’s Lake State Park.  This ended up being an excellent choice only 15 minutes from the West entrance to Yellowstone.

We scored a spot with water and power right on the lake for $25 a night (sites vary) and were gifted by nature with stunning sunsets and star blanketed skies over the water. There was even a beautiful, perfectly sized dock for me to do Yoga right on by the water. Meanwhile, not far away from us, there were RVs crammed together in RV parks paying $75 plus a night.  

Then, we spent two days exploring the magic of Yellowstone.  The lower loop on the first day and the upper loop on the second.  This was only possible because we were there off-season.  Otherwise, lines would have taken up much more of our time.  What a beautiful experience.  One that we would not have had if we hadn’t made the switch to the RV lifestyle.  It was so incredible to take in the waterfalls, rivers, the huge lake, mudpots, the bison and the endless stunning geysers and landscapes.  Each night was so relaxing returning to our minimal home on wheels at Henry’s Lake sitting by a fire on the water.  We can’t wait to return, someday.

Our Journey Through Yellowstone

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