Our Journey Through Zion National Park

Exploring Zion National Park

Southern Utah is full of splendor, and Zion National Park holds many gems.  From our current address in the red sand at the beautiful and peaceful Sand Hollow State park, we had our breakfast and headed to Zion with coffee two days in a row.  

The first day, we explored Zion Mt. Carmel HWY in the Upper East Canyon filled with majestic peaks.  We went through the stunning Mt. Carmel Tunnel and continued to pull over and hike along the highway throughout the rest of the day.  We hiked riverbeds, trails, climbed to beautiful overlooks and were surrounded by mountains with rich colors of red, gold, white. 

The second day, we took the shuttle through Zion Canyon Scenic Drive to hike to some sights.  We hiked The Grotto Trail, saw translucent, sparkling waterfalls spilling into The Emerald Pools, and went to the gorgeous Weeping Rock that never stops shedding “tears”.  Many parts of the day, we were accompanied by big horned sheep and deer.  After that, we sat by The Virgin River that flows through the park and watched the water flow through the rocks while the sun hit the towering red peaks around us.  

We were so excited about the day that we missed our stop where we were parked on the last shuttle back,  This ended up just giving us one extra hike on a trail we found heading back towards our car, so we didn’t mind.  

Back at the home on wheels, we met up with our friend Josh.  Josh had been on an RV trip nearby, so he met us at Sand Hollow to join our campsite.  We made a hearty plant-based dinner, followed by cocktails by the fire.  As always, the coyotes serenaded us throughout the night. 

We can’t wait to return to Zion to hike The Narrows. But, up next, we were heading back into L.A. for a bit. 

Published by Chris and Christi

We are 2 kreative artists who donated everything & ditched the norm to travel full-time making music & film in a newly remodeled 26' Class-C with a built-in music studio - specifically designed to create by a lake, mountain or ocean. After hustling really hard in Los Angeles for over 15 years, we decided to minimize our lives and cash in our most valuable form of currency - TIME!

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