Our Story

The day we moved into our home on wheels

We will never forget the exhilaration we felt when we first considered the idea of living mobile.  For years, we had been in Los Angeles with very hectic schedules –  for the sake of art.  One day, after being inspired by a friend, Chris found an interesting blog. It was about two people living the untethered RV lifestyle.  Right away, we were on board and excited in a whole new way.  We started dreaming, getting inspired by channels and checking out RVs – specifically large fifth wheels (all of which were nicer than our L.A. apartment).

Then, something delayed the dream.  We scored on a rental from a very cool landlord with everything we had ever wanted living in L.A.  It was a two-story, two bedroom, two bath with a private backyard that had citrus trees, a fire pit and a fully adaptable garage for a music studio.  On top of that, we could actually turn the volume up and use the studio at full capacity without anyone complaining.  We filled the studio with gear, decorated the house, planted, and happily enjoyed our new space.  We had all of this for less than many apartments and we knew how fortunate we were to have it.  We could even have house parties for the first time in our L.A. lives where our fellow House Music artists could all jump on the decks and play.  It was a dream.  One that we felt we could not sacrifice for RV living – at least, not yet. 

But, the RV dream still stayed strong in our minds.  Sometimes, we even resented having the house, because it started to become so hard to decide between the two.  We couldn’t let go of such a great deal, particularly one we knew we would never again find.  And, we didn’t know how we would feel once we transitioned into an RV.  Would we love it?  Would we hate it?  Regret it?  What about music and acting?  Will all of that work be sacrificed?  Finally, after seemingly a million conversations, we had to come to terms with the fact that we knew deep down living tiny and mobile was what we wanted.  The dream was going to nag at us until it came to fruition.  Yes, we would leave this backyard that we so loved, but it would be replaced with many more that would be constantly changing and far more incredible.  And, L.A. wasn’t going anywhere.  We could be there as often as we wanted to, just in a different way.  We were just going to find a new, out of ordinary way to pursue our passions.  And, we happen to like out of the ordinary.

Packing everything and minimizing our lives was the best decision we have ever taken. We don’t regret a single thing to this day.

We took the leap.  It was terrifying.  We donated most things, sold some, and downsized to only what would fit into our Jetta.  This was a grueling process.  We had to be very honest with ourselves about what we actually needed, used, wore, etc., because this was not just a purge.  There was no next house or apartment to which we could drag useless things.  It was also very eye opening to realize how much one does drag around with them that they don’t need; not to mention how much waste that produces.  What a life cleanse.  

Then, it was the moment of truth.  Time to actually go.  We both became very emotional.  Reality was sinking in, along with the strong fear and sheer exhaustion of the process.  But, as we drove away, all of that changed.  We could feel the weight of all of the “stuff” and the stress melting behind us.  The fear and sadness began to transform into pure joy and lightness.

We drove to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (Christi’s hometown) and began the search for the RV.  In the end, the perfect one came to us at the perfect time.  The original plan to nab a fifth wheel thankfully didn’t come to fruition.  We found our little gem that had everything we needed and more that would be far less of a hassle.  It was perfect.  We then began our remodel and finished it all over the summer; which included building a micro version of our previous home music studio.  It was all we needed.

Our extensive Class-C RV Remodel is up on YouTube. What an amazing experience and achievement it was for the both of us!

Now, it was time for the next leap.  Actually moving in.  Fear came back, as at this point, we still had never tested it and had no idea how we were going to like it.  Much to our joy and relief, we loved it – instantly.  From the very first day in our new tiny home, it felt as though we should have been living this way our entire lives,   Everything was so easy.  Nothing was with us that we didn’t love and an immense sensation of freedom started to kick in that we were feeling for the first time in our lives.  We have never looked back or been happier.  All of the fear turned out to be completely unnecessary.  As with all things, it’s the big leaps that take a lot of courage and reap the greatest rewards.  This was one of them.