Our Top 10 RV Essentials after 2 Years of Full-Timing

After two years of full-time RV living, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten essentials that are our personal RV must haves. These are some of our favorite items we use that make life easier, nicer, and more relaxing. From how we make our coffee, expand our water supply, have great showers every day to how we find our zen, it’s all here!

If you set yourself up right, living in a home on wheels is a great experience. These are the things that make it nicer for us. We realize that the tools listed here for minimal tiny living have been great for us. We’re also always around for any questions you may have!

Published by Chris and Christi

We are 2 kreative artists who donated everything & ditched the norm to travel full-time making music & film in a newly remodeled 26' Class-C with a built-in music studio - specifically designed to create by a lake, mountain or ocean. After hustling really hard in Los Angeles for over 15 years, we decided to minimize our lives and cash in our most valuable form of currency - TIME!

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