Live Free. Kreate More.

Hi! We’re Chris and Christi (yeah, we know. It’s catchy). We are LA based artists/DJs/producers. We donated everything & ditched the norm to travel full-time making music & film in a remodeled 26′ Class-C with a built-in music studio – specifically designed to kreate anywhere we’re curious to explore!

We initially got bit by the road trip travel bug back in 2015, but with careful planning, and a few little hurdles along the way, we got our kreative RV and hit the road! We’re here to share the experience with you. So make sure to check out the different sections of our website as well as follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, as we’re constantly adding new content!

Making the Transition into the RV Lifestyle

The moment of truth.  Making the transition from conventional living into mobile living via the RV lifestyle.  It was both terrifying and exciting.  It was both terrifying and exciting.  Between those two emotions, the excitement, however, was definitely winning. We were about to reap the rewards of all of the work and scary changes through…

Our First RV Mistake

We were headed into Southern Utah to explore Zion National Park amongst other things when we came across an amazing State Park Campground called Sand Hollow.  It was just getting dark when we arrived.  When we got there all of the sites were taken, but the ranger told us we could camp anywhere on the…