Snowboarding with Fire on New Years Eve

Snowboarding with Fire on New Year's Eve

On New Year’s Eve, we are always either throwing a party or playing a party.  But, on this one, we decided we wanted to be in the mountains and go snowboarding.  To make it even more amazing, we went to Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, where there is an Annual New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade.  You can watch it, or you can participate in it.  We were choosing the latter.  

We drove the Jetta up to the mountain arriving to beautiful, deep, fresh powder sparkling in the sun.  It was going to be a great day.  We grabbed our boards, strapped in, and jumped on the lift.

From the top of our first lift, the fresh powder was perfect everywhere.  We were able to get quite a few runs in before the final chair.  And, they were all amazing. Then, we rode the last chair up to a beautiful sunset to get our torches and ride down with the other torch-bearers.  

The energy was electric at the top.  Everyone was excited and some people were even wearing Christmas lights.  They started giving us instructions on how the torchlight parade worked.  They ended these instructions with, “Professionals on this side and experts on this side”.  Awesome.  Chris just started snowboarding last year, I recently hadn’t been up very often and we were supposed to be olympian level for this.

Thank God that didn’t turn out to be true and you actually ride down, slowly.  The sun was quickly down and we were getting in line for our torches.  They were long torches that were lit on both sides and once they were burning, we were on our way down the mountain.  It was immediately exhilarating.  We were in a sea of torches reflecting on the snow slowly gliding down the mountain with only the sounds of skis and snowboards.  Such amazing energy.  As we got to the bottom, we joined up with the people that came down the other side and went the rest of the way to the lodge, together.  What a beautiful way it was to celebrate the new year.  

Of course, we went out for music and cocktails later, but the big part of our celebration that day had already happened.

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We are 2 kreative artists who donated everything & ditched the norm to travel full-time making music & film in a newly remodeled 26' Class-C with a built-in music studio - specifically designed to create by a lake, mountain or ocean. After hustling really hard in Los Angeles for over 15 years, we decided to minimize our lives and cash in our most valuable form of currency - TIME!

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